Are you spiritual if you meditate? 1

Do only spiritual people meditate? If you meditate will it make you spiritual? So your therapist has recommended that you mediate to help you relax, you don’t consider yourself to be spiritual and maybe you don’t even want to be spiritual. Will you become spiritual if you start to meditate? What it probably will do if you stick with it is to be more open to the expansive energies in the greater world. For some people that is spiritual. Will it make you believe in God? Who knows?

Of course, another piece depends on what you meditate on. In a way, when you sit and think intensely about hating someone that is a form of meditation. It is interesting that some people quite easily and naturally set aside time each day to focus on hating someone or something. That comes quite naturally to many of us. That focus in meditation will only increase your hate. If you meditate on something relaxing, peaceful, and calming you will probably have more of that in your life. It is more of a challenge to choose to sit and focus on something relaxing, peaceful, and calming.

Really, our choice is what we choose to focus our mind on: love, peace, kindness or hate and resentment. Looking at it that simply, choosing love, peace, and kindness is a better choice that hate.

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